Simon Inglis, historian and sports writer – has made an appeal to sports clubs everywhere to care for the items lying about in their clubhouses which may be of historical importance

If you belong to a sorts club
, please therefore make sure that you and your members seek out and guard your historic artifacts with love and care, and if not able to do this properly, professionally or securely, please, please, seek advice on this site or hand them over to a museum or to your nearest heritage centre for there safe keeping and conservation.

Tennis Collector – the Journal of the ‘Tennis Collectors Society’.

Nous lançons un appel aux clubs sportifs, en particulier aux club de tennis de Belgique, mais aussi aux particuliers. Si vous avez des questions,
des remarques, des conseils ou des renseignements supplementaires, nous vous saurions gré de nous les faire connaître en nous envoyant un message.