Royal Racing TennisClub Brussels

In point of fact, why Racing? This is an English word meaning a club that organises horse racing events. France's Racing Club (Racing Club de France) was already a functional entity and was soon being copied by the Brussels Racing Club (Racing Club de Bruxelles).

The Belgian Athletic Clubs Association, formed in 1895, sought to promote various categories of sport (football, athletics, cycling, hockey, boxing and tennis).

Tennis was the third sport that was practised at Racing Brussels. It were some youngsters who started playing “Lawn Tennis” on the courts of the Solbosch field at Vivier d’Oie. The section was created by the devoted members of the club.

Round 1901 five gravel courts were built and offered access to enthusiastic ‘tennis men and women’. Shortly after, a chalet with cloak rooms was constructed.
The dynamism of a committee, with Sidney Mill as president ; Ch. Flasselaerts; F. König and R.W. Seeldrayers had its effect. The hard core players of the tennis ball precipitated to the magnificent courts.

Racing won the first interclub of gentlemen that was organized by the young Federation 
 in 1910. In the  rare archives of the club the names of the brave winners of this opening tournament were found: J. de Coen, P. Goossens, O. Bossaert, H.N. Mills, R. Lintermans, F. Goossens, L. Ceustermans. The score was 9 to 0 against Excelsior.

This achievement having a certain breakthrough in the media of that time, encouraged the committee to move the new courts, so that in 1912, Royal counted 9 excellent courts, which pushed it to the tennis high society.

The war 1914-1918 interrupted the boom of the sport.

R.R.C.Br.1991- 100th Anniversary 1891-1991 – Programme souvenir