Before 1874, Harry Gem, an Englishman used to play tennis with his  Spanish friend Perara on a lawn attached to the Manor House Hotel in Leamington, a seaside resort. It was there that they opened a Club'.
Major Wingfield, another Englishman, patented a new game in 1874 called 'Sphairistike' of 'Lawn Tennis'. He was officially recognised as the one who had invented 'Lawn Tennis'. Major Wingfield made wooden boxes designed to hold four racquets, 12 balls, a net, base lines, a measuring tape and a rulebook.
Sports grounds were shorter in those days and nets were higher than they are at the present time.
The first Wimbledon championship took place in 1877 based on rules that are practically the same as those applied today.
We could say that, around 1873, Lawn Tennis emigrated from Victorian England to the Continent under the influence of the English who had come to do business in this country. Tennis on grass began as an upper-class sport and matches were played as a form of relaxation.

The Tennis Collector no 69 and 70
The Journal of 'the Tennis Collectors Society'

Music:  Lawn Tennis on the Grand Piano: Mariette C. Hehakaya - produced Theo Bollerman (N.T.H.G.). Photograph Giani Clerici, Tennis Octopus books, Englosh Edition, 1976 page 64


                                                                                                                        Theo Bollerman

meeting with  N.T.H.G. (Nederland Tennis Historisch Genootschap).