Lawn Tennis Club Brussels

The beginnings of Brussels Lawn Tennis Club were modest. Some English sports fans, living in Belgium, came together round 1882/1884 to play tennis, cricket and football. They had to be eager since they did not have their own fields nor club house. When they wanted to play they took along their material to “Bois de la Cambre” and installed their game on a lawn very close to the actual Chalet du Rossignol. Since then, it is called “English Lawn”.

On 19 May 1886, a committee was composed under the presidency of Lord Vivian, a minister plenipotentiary of the United Kingdom, who founded the Brussels Cricket, Lawn Tennis  and Football Club and rented a part of Brugman’s property. It was far from everything and was hardly reachable. It was not so expensive because membership cost only about 5 francs.

It was the area which is now the round-about Winston Churchill giving way to the Edith Cavell, Winston Churchill Avenue and the Montjoie Avenue.
The effective members had to be English or American. Until the war 1914/1918 Belgian honorary members could enrol but in number must not surpass one third of the effective members. The current committee still counts an English majority.
In 1911 the “Brussels” had to move to the Brugmann Avenue. A club house of 18,500 francs was built. There were 6 courts and three gravel courts. In 1912, new installations were inaugurated.

Text and pictures: L.T.C. Brussels
Livre d'or de la Fédération R.B. De Lawn Tennis 1902-1952

People played tennis a centary ago in the 'Bois de la Cambre'. There were four tenniscourts made of short rough cut grass, named 'La pelouse des Anglais' (the English lawn).
The de Grelles and the Catoir's were kings !
In 1891 did I join the Brussels L.T.C. There were few Belgian members:
captain Reyntiens, the Solvay brothers, M. Graux, the de Cattoir's, Alb. Lefebvre, de Grelle, Chazal, de Molembaix  and Alexander de Caraman Chimay.
The best player was Ernest Hodson, Englisman, champion of the Brussels L.T.C.

Baron de Bassompiere

Der “Brussels Cricket, Lawn Tennis and Football Club”, von dessen Lawn Tennis 
– Spielplatz wir heute eine Abbildung bringen, wurde im Jahre 1886 gegründet; Die 16 Spielplätze des Lawn Tennis Club sind immer gut besetzt, und die auf denselben zum Austrag kommen den Turniere, an welchen zahlreiche englische Spieler teilnehmen, zählen zu den wichtigsten in Belgian.

Sport im Bild - Jaargang 1895