This website originated from playing tennis myself, collecting old Lawn Tennis objects and my passion for the sport in general. I was motivated by my contacts with museums and collectors worldwide who study the history of Lawn Tennis in their countries (links on this website).

I have tried to describe the evolution of Belgian Lawn Tennis right from the very start between 1882 en 1922, in the first tennis clubs that emerged before 1900. The information you find on these pages is based on what  found in rare publications, along with many photos, and old objects and music.

K.L.T. St. Georges Kortrijk was the first Belgian club and was founded in 1882. 1922 was the year of the world .championship on gravel in the Leopold Club. The times back then were stylish conventional, and Lawn Tennis was slow. These days everything is swift and fast, and today’s lawn tennis is more powerful and fast. It’s fascinating to compare both.

I dedicate this website to our two great ladies of Belgian Lawn Tennis: Kim Clijsters and Justine Henin. They have already offered us so many good times.